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Mycena abramsii

Observed: 3rd October 2010 By: lotsofbeeslotsofbees’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenslotsofbees’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Growing on fallen Willow


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If you had said you had just

If you had said you had just found this I would have agreed with abramsii as it is often one of the first Mycena to appear each year and it is on the right substrate. Without resorting to a microscope its defining macroscopic feature is the watery juice which comes out when you break the stem. Did you notice this?

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Mycena abrasii

I am new to fungi was as much interested in seeing them and photographing them as a record. It seemed a shame to damage them. There were only those to and they were well shaded. A little further along there was some Honey Fungus as well. I will put up another picture showing a larger part of the log

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A photo record and leaving

A photo record and leaving them for someone else to see is good and we can say for certain they are Mycena. Unfortunately that is as far as you will often be able to go with certainty without disturbing them, especially the Mycena.