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Spanish Larks

Observed: 11th May 2009 By: SomersetWandererSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in BirdsSomersetWanderer’s reputation in Birds
Lark A
Lark B
Lark C

Three different birds, photos taken in Cadiz province in May of this year. Have considered several identities however my research on Birdguides photo library has left me confused. Thought I would offer them up for comment here.

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Difficult larks!

Not too sure but photo A does look like a Crested Lark to me, going by the crest and lower mandible shape. B might be the same (partly raised crest still looks pointed, also lower mandible shape again) but I really can't tell for C.

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Difficult Larks!

Thanks for the comments - I was also thinking about Thekla Larks which are reported in the general area.

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Difficult Larks!

Yes, I also considered theklas, though the lower mandible shape is different as far as I can tell. They are very similar species!

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Yes, I'd go for Crested, on the basis of the long bill. The agricultural habitat is right as well, Theklas apparently preferring more arid places.

Bob Ford

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I also reckon the first two are Cresteds but the third could be Thekla on the heavy breast streaking.