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New Roots?

Observed: 17th November 2009 By: pjt347pjt347’s reputation in Plants

The water level of the pond was very low and this branch is normally partially submerged is this a common thing to put down roots from a branch?

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yes it is common for

yes it is common for waterside trees such as willow (Salix).

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Waterside tree roots

As miked says, it is common for plants in wet areas - it is something often seen in willows (though from the bark I don't think this is a willow, please do correct me if I'm wrong - there's not much to go on!) as well as plants in drier areas such as invasive Rhododendron ponticum.

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I still think its willow as

I still think its willow as it has willow like leaves. I think those leaves are attached to the trunks and willows can have bark like that.

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Yup, fair enough

Yes, if the leaves are attached to the same plant, then it's certainly not alder - willow it is!