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Observed: 14th March 2011 By: WTSWW
The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales
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Celandine in mixed woodland

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Greater Celandine -

Is unrelated, and has only four petals, whereas this species has at least 5, usually more. It also tends to flower later in the year.
For absolute proof, break the stem: greater celandine has a fluorescent yellow-orange sap.

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Thanks Roger R

Just been reading about it and it's flowers stay open even if the sun is not out unlike Lessser C and Wordworth wrote a poem about it.Your right about it being unrelated too


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I didn't know that -

but I'm not well-versed (no pun intended) in poetry.
It turns out he wrote three! Including -

"The Small Celandine

There is a Flower, the Lesser Celandine,
That shrinks, like many more, from cold and rain;
And, at the first moment that the sun may shine,
Bright as the sun itself, 'tis out again!"