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Help to ID unusual droplets

Observed: 27th March 2011 By: Mushroom LadyMushroom Lady’s reputation in InvertebratesMushroom Lady’s reputation in InvertebratesMushroom Lady’s reputation in Invertebrates

I noticed these little globules on what looked like a spider's web inside a small cup fungus about 1.5 cm diameter. They were spherical and quite pearly looking. Could it be water, or might it be some kind of egg?

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Unusual observation -

Really interesting and somehow beautiful: thanks for posting - whatever it is!

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I agree!

I second Roger's words. I suspect I would have assumed they were a dewy spider's web, good observation!

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A friend of mine in our

A friend of mine in our regional fungus group thought it was possibly dew caught in a spider's web, and the pearly effect was caused by the ascospores released by the fungus. I didn't see any creature nearby, so I guess we won't know. Interesting to speculate, though.

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