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Rabbit (Oryctolagus cunniculus)

Observed: 4th October 2009 By: devlindevlin’s reputation in Mammals

Rabbit, feeding happily. Introduced to the UK in the middle ages. Unfortunatly classed as a pest.

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is it me.....

There seems to be significantly less rabbits around our way. This time last year there were lots more. In spring there were fewer than the year before, even on the nature reserves.

Sam, Student.

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Early in the summer there

Early in the summer there were rabbits everywhere I looked, the fields and gardens both here (Oxfordshire) and on the Isle of Wight were teeming with them, but I haven't seen so many recently. Populations seem to have dropped dramatically.

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Rabbit populations

There's been a bit of myxomatosis in the rabbit population near me this year, but last year was even more noticable. Every so often the disease seems to flare up again, but the animals that have some natural resistance survive through the winter to breed, and these hardier individuals seem to produce a bumber crop of offspring the next year. However I think the myxomatosis persists at a lower level so a few individuals still contract it.

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