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Fruticose or foliose?

Observed: 18th November 2009 By: pp2997
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Light green fruticose and yellow foliose lichen

Light green fruticose lichen on Oak tree.


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You've both foliose and

You've both foliose and fruticose lichens in the photo, the yellow foliose one is Xanthoria parietina, and bottom left are two different bluish-grey foliose species.
The fruticose ones are several different species of Ramalina, but not R. calicaris.

Far right are the narrow lobes of Ramalina farinacea.
The rest are too out of focus to be sure, but far left the rather short, dumpy one with white apothecia is probably R. fastigiata.
Bottom centre the flattish, wrinkled, wider lobes could be R. fraxinia.