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Observed: 9th July 2009 By: andrewsavageandrewsavage’s reputation in Mammalsandrewsavage’s reputation in Mammals
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Asleep in our neighbours garden

Andrew Savage

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Red fox

Great photo of gorgeous animal. I live towards the edge of a city and see foxes trotting through side streets and alleys but never relaxed in a garden like this. Fantastic.

Gill Sinclair
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Great photo

What a lovely moment to capture. He/she looks very healthy and happy!


OU Student

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Great Pic


I'm always hoping to spot a Fox, but so far have had no success.

That's a great pic. Did you get close or is there a lot of zoom?


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There is a bit of zoom, but not much, we just saw it asleep so i ran back to get my camera and it just sleept, i would say we were about 2.5 meters away

Andrew Savage

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Congratulations on a great picture...couldnt help but notice the hair loss around the base of the tail - most likely to be mange and/or flea dermatitis which are both common amongst foxes.

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Very unusual photo. You rarely see foxes sleeping above ground. I assume this is a vagrant, not attached to any den. I suspect it is a young animal recently ejected from its home territory. It looks well fed but there are signs of mange, as kc5467 mentions, around the rump.

Graham Banwell

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Evil Doings!

This is clearly a picture of a heron! (Latin tag: Heroni Heronus)

(note:I am a close friend of andrew and this is just a joke)
HA HA! Now what will you do andrew! Now what! (insert evil laugh here) Up with the heron!

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Awesome picture

that is one cool picture! just one question.. how did you get it?


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Thanks Tom

Thanks Tom

Andrew Savage