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Observed: 26th March 2011 By: dave howledave howle’s reputation in Birds
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I suspect that you are correct with flammea, the continental race, as the greater coverts are tipped white and the median coverts are also broadly tipped white. The supercilium and surround to the ear coverts also looks quite pale.

These are not easy, though, unless you have them in the hand and can measure wing length and other such details.

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Personally I think that the extent of buff on the breast sides points more towards Lesser. At this time of year redpolls are in quite worn plumage, and Lessers can look pale with white wing bars.
I wouldn't really want to give an identification either way for an individual like this based on a single photo.

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I agree

I agree with Roy, as suggested above, that this should be left as a Redpoll sp., really.

As I said, though, I do think that the jizz says flammea, and from the many Redpoll I have caught and ringed recently, I suspect flammea is right. For me it is the paleness on the mantle and the head which suggests flammea, as well as the white wing bars.

I would not plump officially for either, though, without a proper look!