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Aren't Starlings beautiful?

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Starling 01
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I can never tire of the amazing colours of these birds - apologies of course to those who do tire of seeing them! I've added a couple more photos taken in July of this year.

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I think they are beautiful,

I think they are beautiful, but we don't get many of them here, I expect I would soon cease to see the beauty if I lived near a roost site!

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They really are, and these photos show it off nicely! Did you manage to get close or was it a huge zoom?!


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They were on my feeders in Clevedon where I've added some branches to hopefully get more natural looking pics. I was a using a zoom (new toy this year!) at 500mm from about 20 feet. I do have some more (better?) pics I took a while ago - I'll try and find them and add them here - from memory they show the markings really well.

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tire !!!!!!!!!

I will never tire of seeing starlings, ever.
Fantastic photo's

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I always used to say that starlings (along with magpies) were birds that if they were rare or exotic, everyone would marvel over. Sadly they aren't as common as they used to be; maybe we can appreciate them more.


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2 or 3 years ago here in mid-Norfolk we used to see lots of starlings feeding in the garden and great flocks of them congregating in the evening, swirling around in the sky and then suddenly descending en masse into our hedge - but no more. Very sadly missed.


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Starling Nostalgia

At home in Watford we usually have about 100 around early morning and then again late afternoon prior to departure for the roost. Many of these visit our fairly small feeding area where mealworms are sometimes provided (depending on finances) - for "social" birds they do love to squabble - part of their attraction for me! There used to be a roost a few miles north of here on the Ovaltine Farm of hundreds of thousands of birds - when I worked at Rolls_Royce at Leavesden a little way from there you would see thousands passing over heading for the roost. Their passing would take minutes! The Leavesden Airfield was also a "home" for 100s of Lapwings but now the site is partially developed they are no longer seen. However, a short trip to nearby Tyttenhanger Gravel Pits will guarantee sightings, also with Golden Plovers at this time of year. Sorry, I digress. Nearer my other base in Somerset there are some famous starling roosts - the largest being at Westhay Moor with estimated numbers of more than six million! I may venture there one evening soon - if so I will post some pics here.

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starling appreciation society

One of my favourite songbirds as well.

Bob Ford