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Nursery-Web Spider

Observed: 24th March 2011 By: mbf45mbf45’s reputation in Invertebratesmbf45’s reputation in Invertebratesmbf45’s reputation in Invertebratesmbf45’s reputation in Invertebrates
Spider on wall

Distinctive elongated shape and stance.

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Nursery-web spider - so it is.

Thanks Dioctria I would not have reached that conclusion using my spider book. It is clear now having seen some other photos.

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Book Illustrations

I wonder if you have the same book as me, Michael Roberts 'Collins Field Guide to Spiders'. I think the illustration in there is a pretty poor representation of a typical Nursery-Web Spider. (Which is a bit odd given that it is a very good book overall.)


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Spider book

Yes that's the one I have. I agree the picture isn't great. Do you recommend another guide? Thanks for your ID.


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Book Options

Not really. I'm just a generalist who doesn't actually photograph that many spiders, so it more than serves my needs. It's a well-respected work.

As you said earlier, it's easy enough to recognise once you have seen a few photos so I often check my IDs with photos on iSpot or, more cautiously as IDs aren't always so reliable, on Flickr.

And if something still puzzles me I just post it to iSpot! There are usually people around who will be able to identify anything I have found in double-quick time, and I'm pretty sure there are a couple of spider experts who check in from time to time to help with the really tricky ones.