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Otter footprints

Observed: 6th March 2011 By: srb369
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Otter footprints
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It look's more like an Otter print too me,was it close to a stream or river


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Yes, that certainly seems

Yes, that certainly seems more likely- photo taken very close to the River Taff. Thanks.

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The 2 main prints look like a dog to me, but there are also many smaller prints which could be otter, perhaps.

Bob Ford

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animal tracks

The reason I thought otter is that the pad on the foot is the correct shape.When the animal is walking there is an average stride of about 36cms.At this gait the fore and hind feet nearly register,when galloping,the stride is about 50cms and there is no registration.It may be worth going back and look out for signs of feeding ie spraints which are cigar shaped and from 3-10cm,when fresh they are black and very mucilaginous,they contain fur,bones and fish scales they have a musty odour.They usually choose a boulder or tree stump along there regular run.


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The pads of both Otter and

The pads of both Otter and Badger are proportionately far wider, and typically show 5 toes. Otter would show webbing in these conditions, and greater spacing of the toes. Badger toes are almost on a line. Dog prints are as variable in size as are the animals themselves, but all share a basic design - just like these.



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The triangular hind pad is indicative of dog.

Graham Banwell

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