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Bird in Paphos

Observed: 20th October 2009 By: julietteculver
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I saw this in Cyprus and I can't imagine it's anything unusual but would like to know what its name is!

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More often see the juveniles

More often see the juveniles in this lovely buff plumage in the UK. Lovely picture.

Rob Coleman

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Thank you for such a quick

Thank you for such a quick identification! Showed the photo to a few people who asked me what it was and had to embarrassingly admit that I didn't know!

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Although the lighting is not perfect, I think this is more likely to be a first-year Black-eared Wheatear. They are usually darker than our wheatear.

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Hi Apus,

Thanks for that - would you mind adding it as a second identification? Click on "Add a revision" above.

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what a lovely photo


OU Student

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Female black-eared would not show the white supercilium of this bird. I'd go for northern wheatear, as Rob originally thought.

Bob Ford

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Unfortunately, there is much

Unfortunately, there is much shadow on the upperparts and some Black-eared show a supercilium.