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U20 Herb

Observed: 19th November 2009 By: Nozz

Lvs; opposite, lanculate, ridge underside.
widespread throughout a U20/W10 underscore lowland mosaic

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Looks a little bit like............................

Looks a little bit like Purple Toadflax (Linaria purpurea) to me. Or could it be Cow wheat (Melampyrum species) ??


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Sorry try again.....

Sorry matey, not the one, I'll get some more appropriate snaps today. Thanks for playing :)

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Looks like greater or

Looks like greater or possibly lesser stitchwort, the former often scrambles around the ankles of bracken. At this time of year it could not be cow wheat.

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Looks like a shade-form of Stellaria (maybe holostea).

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