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Observed: 24th March 2011 By: grahamhaswell

My wife and I were walking on the river Tyne footpath around 4pm about a half of a mile west of the Newcastle city centre bridges when we spotted something in the water on the far side, travelling with constant speed upstream against the tide. At first we thought it was a cormorant with its head turned away, but it was too big and didn't dive. Anyway, we didn't have any binoculars with us, so we took a couple of shots (on 20x zoom) with my small digital camera and was surprised when we got home and viewed them. Any ideas?

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    debris in the river (Junkus riparius)
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This does not look like any

This does not look like any animal - more like something man-made. Which does not fit with moving against the flow, of course. Are you sure the movement was real, and not just an illusion caused by the stream? Not any of the usual suspects (otter, seal, cetacean, bird).



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I wonder if -

it is a piece of wood, caught in a countercurrent?
Either that, or Nessie has taken a wrong turn...

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I do not think this is in a counter current as it has a "wake"
If it was moving, this is unlikely to be a wake on an anchored object,however I cannot see a bow wave but there is disturbace in the water around this.
On first glance I thought "Dolphin" but on looking at the detailed photo it appears to be man made with a fin and some form of bow and symmetrical "wings " which curve up.Could it be the top of a sunken object such as a small boat?

Alan Edwards

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I have no idea what this is other than it is not an animal. It must be either a tree stump or man made.

Graham Banwell

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