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Frog/toad? Parasites?

Observed: 23rd March 2011 By: PhilNix

very concerned as I noticed a large number of frogs/toads with unusual growths in my local lake. What are they? are they harmful? does it need reporting?

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Certainly something wrong with toad - I have passed on the observation link to the team at the Zoological Society of London who are researching amphibian disease.

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I wondered of this is -

suffering from chytridomycosis? At first I though it was all debris, and Deadpoet suggests, but the more I look the more I think that this is not the complete answer.

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...can only be diagnosed on microscopy/histopathology of the skin- affected animals look pretty much normal. If these brown objects were lesions (which I don't think they are- see obs notes above) it would be unlike any amphibian disease I know of, especially affecting both frogs and toads. No indication from the observer that the animals were behaving abnormally or appeared to be 'ill'.

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seedy toad

I agree with deadpoet's original comment that these are just seeds stuck to the toad's skin.

Bob Ford