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Unidentified small white+grey bird white stripe on head

Observed: 23rd March 2011 By: flyingchap

A pair of small sparrow-sized birds in my garden for just half a minute - too little to photograph them. Lovely looking, very pale grey bodied with grey and white head in horizontal stripes, and a prominent white stipe back over the centre of the head. Seemed to hover almost humming-bird like for a moment by a window pane. Quick moving, gone in moments.
Two together. Have never seen anything like them in my life before.
Nearest I can find is White-Crowned Sparrow: but all the photos of those show a much more prominent black head striping than I saw: this was an altogether paler colouring: a winter juvenile perhaps? Some winter photos do look fairly similar, though always more brown on the wings than I saw.
Also a bit like this - the Clay-Coloured Sparrow:
- but again, there was not really any brown on the ones I saw, at all, while it is prominent in this photo. The ones I saw were only middle greys and white, nothing brownish at all (unless memory failing me).
Would be intruigued to know if anyone knows what this was.
AH.... think I've found it: might have been a juvenile long-tailed tit - this photo is quite like what I saw:
A bit paler than that but perhaps a juvenile. Lovely: first one I've ever seen. Saw both my first-ever goldcrest and goldfinch recently - what a treat.

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