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Japanese Knotweed

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Japanese Knotweed
Showing emerging bud
Showing rhizome
Showing rhizome
Showing rhizome
Fallopia japonica

Has been growing beside a small pond for several years - last year the wardens sprayed it & overwinter cut it back.... but it just doesn't want to die!
The foliage & flowers were taken last year. The bare stems were taken in Feb this year

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We used to call that Wild Rhubarb when we were kids and used to eat it.....does taste like rhubarb.

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I think spray treatment will take at least 3 years, i really don't like this plant!! Highly invasive and almost impossible to get rid of, it'll spread from a tiny piece of plant material and suffocate everything in it grows over (although i have noticed in places bluebells seem to like growing under it!).

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Repeated applications of herbicide -

are needed to control it, and that can affect the surroundings, especially by a watercourse.
It can be dug out, but you have to go quite deep, and remove even the tiniest fragments of root. On a landfill it has to be buried at least 2 meters down to stop it re- growing there.
Whoever introduced it to the UK should - together with the one who did the same with Himalayan Balsam - be burnt in effigy instead of Guy Fawkes every year!