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Black and grey lichen(s?)

Observed: 22nd November 2009 By: nch86nch86’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensnch86’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
DSCF5379 - Black grey lichen

Found on brick pavement bordering grass


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The slightly darker bluish

The slightly darker bluish lichen on the left of your photo is Lecanora muralis - its crustose with placodioid (lobed) margins.
Centre and right there is a Physcia (foliose) but I can't see details clearly.

If you look closely at the two species you can see that there is a difference.
The Lecanora is pruinose (whitish) at the margins with small lobules in the centre and white rimmed apothecia (jam tart like fruiting bodies).
Its just possible to make out the small white marks (pseudocyphellae) on the bottom centre Physcia lobes and the lobes are longer.

Don't think the black stuff is a lichen.

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Black and grey lichen(s?)

Many thanks for IDs. I'm determined to be braver with the next lot I upload and have a go at ID-ing despite still not having access to my surprise birthday present (I'm hoping it's a copy of the out of print Collins guide to mosses, ferns and lichens).

I'll certainly try to key out the lichens I found on twigs using the Nat Hist site (guess where I'm going for my birthday treat!).