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This might just be the vaguest post ever, but I wondered if anyone would have any thoughts about this?

Are there any trees that are particularly well known for their fragrant aroma when coming into leaf?

When I go for my bus home every evening in Glasgow city centre, I can smell a beautiful aroma coming from some trees near the bus stop, but I've not been able to identify what kind of tree it is.

It's a small copse of deciduous trees with a conifer in amongst them. I might try and take a photo but thought some might already have a good idea.




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have you looked for flowers

have you looked for flowers on the trees? can't think of particular trees that produce smell when coming into leaf, are you sure its trees rather than some small shrub nearby - several very fragrant shrubs flowering at the moment. if it is a tree then some evergreens such as Thuja can smell quite aromatic at certain times especially if the foliage has been damaged.

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Miked is right -

the smell usually comes from flowers or from bruised leaves/stems. Is the odour sweet, sharp, or pine-y?
A photo is really the best option until PCs come with odour dispensers!