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Yellow flower in park

Observed: 23rd March 2011 By: knockelsknockels’s reputation in Plants

Park is full of these at present, in untended areas, for example behind fences and on river banks. Not a buttercup or dandelion, but what is it? Not a very good photo either - apologies.

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It's quite a variable plant -

the number of petals can vary from about 7 to 12. The seeds each possess an elaiosome - a treat for any passing ant, which encourages the insects to help distribute them.

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This has always been Ranunculus ficaria to me - I must be getting old! I don't remember hearing about an updated name - I'm sure they're syn., but I'd love to know if this has now been adopted as the primary form - any suggestions??

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Stace 3

It is the new name is Stace 3 and used by BSBI.All very confusing when one is trying to learn I find.