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Limpet - Black Footed?

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Limpet - sp.
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According to the marine biology department at Scarborough University, black-footed limpets have been found in the area in the past, so I keep hopeful that I might find one one day. What colour are the mantle tentacles on black footed limpet?

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I think they are wrong !

Patella depressa is a species of great academic interest as its a good indicator of climate change and many people are interested in its distribution. One such study was the MarClim project (managed by me) run by the Marine Biological Association. We would really be interested in authenticated records from Scarborough as these would be the first ever in the North Sea.
On the other hand we have undertaken highly intensive studies of Patella vulgata that extended from Robin Hoods Bay to the whole Yorkshire coast. These ran from the early 1970s to the late 1980s. These well published studies continue intermittently, undertaken by my former colleague Rosemary Bowman. In all those years Patella vulgata and Patella ulyssiponensis (aka Patella aspera)are the only species that we have encountered. We have certainly encounted Patella vulgata with black feet just as in your pictures. Patella vulgata has almost translucent mantle tentacles; those of P.depressa are white.

I hope this helps ; please come back to me if you (or Scarborough University)need more information or references to our scientific papers.

Mike Kendall