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Observed: 16th March 2011 By: sk887
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
area 4 march

All worms look alike to me but the description litter dwelling and on bank of stream fits this one.
Photos not clear enough to include

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Thanks. Is that the Baynesian

Thanks. Is that the Baynesian keys ? I used them ro some bugs but forgot about them for the worm - I entered a slug as well ...
I'll try both :)

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The earthworm key is a bit

The earthworm key is a bit difficult to locate, but the direct link is The first bit of that file is about soils, but the last few pages will guide you through the earthworm species. Have fun.



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Thanks for the links :) I've

Thanks for the links :) I've saved the other one for later - I'm too far south but there are lots of other links from it.
The worm one does look like 'fun' but I now publicly apologise to all worms. Around 60 years ago I used to collect worms to take fishing with my dad. I wasn't allowed to make the air holes in the tin but did get to thread the worms on hooks !