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Observed: 21st March 2011 By: Chiltern Kite

About 6 cms long. Was slightly darker than appears in the photo. Small wings appear on its back but do not look as if they could provide flight and certainly weren't used when observed.

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Dont know why this would be out of water.Maybe its a bit confused like me right now.

Hazel Trevan

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It shouldn't be out of the water!

Southern Hawkers don't tend to emerge until late April at the very earliest (usually not until the end of May or later), and Brown Hawkers are most likely to emerge from early June, so this larva really shouldn't be out of water at this time of year.

I wonder if it may have been picked up by a bird and then dropped away from the water?

As far as the ID goes, Southern Hawker might be the most likely ID (based on visible features), but I don't think that Brown Hawker can be excluded.

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Didn't note the size haha, too big to be a rove beetle. Dragonfly Larvae it is.