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High rise Frog Spawn

Observed: 19th March 2011 By: jhn7
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On top of a windy high ridge of grass with mainly bracken and some gorse this isolated pond had frogspawn in.

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Viable spawn?

Jhn7 may be right - not all of this may be viable: but this is part of the breeding "strategy" of the species. In short, it is "lay lots and live in hope!"
I once had to write about breeding strategies many years ago. I've never tried to quantify the survival rate of individual eggs in frogspawn, but it must be of the order of a fraction of 1%. It's an early season treat for a number of predators (and human collectors!), and the tadpoles are on the menu of everything from their siblings to blackbirds.

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Life's hard!

Impersonal, a small black dot enabling life or forming life. This strategy also seems to be used by turtles - I am always horrified by those nature films showing baby turtles running the gauntlet of predators to get to the sea.
Still I suppose nature seems to set a balance - at least until man interferes.

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very similar to our

very similar to our moor-fylingdales on the north york moors.
we photographed frogspawn one week 22 march, then the next week it looked like your photo- sticking out the water looking dried- couldn't understand it as it wasn't a hot week so its not like the water level had dropped - a mystery to me.

Fylingdales Moor, North York Moors

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Week-end break.

I was on a visit to where my father grew up so could not tell you if the water level had changed although it did seem low. It was day 2 of what turned out to be a week of sunny weather so possibly things only got worse. I suspect this was a dew pond so if it was not replenished by rain there was no spring to keep the level up. Also there were ponies and sheep about so maybe they drink the level down.

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