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What are these two up to?

Observed: 21st March 2011 By: asharples

Observed these two on the banks of the Bridgewater canal, just outside Preston on the Hill.
It's looks obvious that this isn't mating, so what are they doing. At first glance it looked like the one underneath has bloated itself up whilst the other one is throttling it.

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mating toads

This is called amplexus, it's different from mating in mammals, as the male toad has no penis, it just waits for the female to lay the eggs and squirts sperm over them.

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Mr Toad

Mr Toad was on his way to the pond when he met Mrs Toad. To make sure he has a good chance of mating with her he's taking a firm hold now, any other male will have to get him off first to stand a chance of mating with this female. At some ponds, nearly all females arrive with a male on top.

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As noted before -

how many ladies have had to carry an amorous but lazy (or inebriated) male off to bed?