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Possible spoted fly catcher

Observed: 20th March 2011 By: Tim ingram
Possible spoted fly catcher

Urban garden 40 x60 ft laid to grass some trees and bushes plus veg patch near Plymouth Sound.
Latitude given as 50.357869 not excepted in feild

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Spotted Flycatchers are

Spotted Flycatchers are actually spotted (it is not always the case that English names are correctly descriptive), but they also have a thin bill and as they are summer visitors to Britain you would not expect to see one in this country before late April or May.



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Spotted flycatchers are far

Spotted flycatchers are far too distinguished to be seen foraging on the ground. They fly from a favoured perch dashing out to catch unsuspecting insects and then return to the same perch or at least one nearby.

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