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Ramalina farinacea

Observed: 20th March 2011 By: oceanlis2000oceanlis2000’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensoceanlis2000’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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Certainly Evernia prunastri, though not the healthiest material I have seen. There is a pronounced algal layer on the top surface, not part of the lichen.

EDIT (24.3.2011): Sorry, I looked at this too quickly. It has well-defined discoid soralia along the edges of the lobes. No wonder it looks "unhealthy" for Evernia - it is Ramalina farinacea!
(Of course, it looks unhealthy for that too ...)


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Thanks for the comments, it's

Thanks for the comments, it's interesting that the algae layer is so predominant, quite a few were like this and I thought it may be something to do with reproduction!