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Yellow (foliose ?) lichen

Observed: 20th November 2009 By: nch86nch86’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensnch86’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Yellow feathery lichen (foliose?)

Lichen found on sloping cap to wall


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Could it be a Xanthoria?

It reminds me of some Xanthoria polycarpa that I saw on some seashore rocks. Am not at all sure of this though, as I am also waiting for my lichen guides to arrive.


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From the narrowness of the

From the narrowness of the lobes it could be Xanthoria aureola (previously X. ectaneoides)though that is usually coastal.

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Yellow (foliose ?) lichen

Thanks for that - at least it's probably Xanthoria sp. although, in Telford, we're a long way from any coastline. I think my lichen book has arrived but my daughter won't let me open it until my birthday !