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Which Viola?

Observed: 20th March 2011 By: tomdadomtomdadom’s reputation in Plantstomdadom’s reputation in Plantstomdadom’s reputation in Plants

chalk grassland / wood edge

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Viola spp.

Very interesting. My instant reaction was the same as Tim's, including wanting to see the sepals! But I'd not come across V. odorata var. carnea before. Having looked it up I can see exactly why that ID is suggested, but all the photographs I can find show that plant with rather reddish flowers - hence the name I suppose. I see this is in a fen, which of course suggests that V. palustris is indeed possible. I don't think, in reality, it's possible to be certain which one we're looking at from these photographs.

Chris Metherell
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North Northumberland

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The habitat is given as chalk grassland/wood edge which does not seem likely for palustris. More photos needed!


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as Cicuta points out

as Cicuta points out palustris not likely in this habitat, so I'll go with a form of odorata

Tim Rich