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Crustacean shell on shingle beach

Observed: 6th March 2011 By: Stoneybloke

This shell seems to be is made up of fused segments and is only part of the whole organism. Overall length of this piece is 10cm/4ins. It appears too flat to enclose a body but it may serve as an operculum of sorts. I thought it may be the shell of the tucked-under tail of a very large crab.


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Crustacean shell

I agree with your idea about the crab's tail. I seem to remember trying to work out the gender of shore crabs using the shape.

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The tucked-under tail thingy

The tucked-under tail thingy is called a 'telson', I believe.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Id hazard a guess at a Spider

Id hazard a guess at a Spider Crab?

- Jamie