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Wall Lizards

Observed: 19th March 2011 By: lordrolordro’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
Feeling the Spring sunshine.
Females? Or a different species.

The story goes that these lizards are from a nearby herpetological collection, having been brought from Italy. They are now at home in this South facing sun trap, although, now that housing has come close to the monument, cats have been seen stalking them.

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Wall Lizards

There are several colonies of this species in the Ventnor area of the
Isle of Wight where they are known locally as Ventnor Wall Lizards, in fact they have become something of a symbol for the town. In particular they can be found sunning themselves on steps and walls that lead down to the seafront, and in the botanic gardens. Reputed to have been introduced from Italy.
They have been conserved by having south facing walls restored.

David J Trevan