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I have seen many Chaffinches so when I saw this bird I thought I had spotted a "new" sighting, it looks so different to the male ones I have seen elsewhere. Is it male/young? Thanks

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This is a male in full

This is a male in full breeding plumage. The ones we see in winter don't have the striking blue-grey colouring on the head. Maybe be that's what you have been seeing.

Looking at the bottom right image, I wonder if this bird has a fungal disease effecting its feet. Probably just the angle.

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Judging from the visible wing feathers, this is an adult (in other words, not born last year). A male born last year would have less depth of colour, less gloss on the coverts.


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Fungal infection.

I hope this is some lichen &the foot is behind.

Hazel Trevan