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Observed: 13th August 2009 By: nmk23nmk23’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
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Long tail and striped markings along its back.

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This is definitely an iguana, with that heavy-looking body and stout tail.

The ridges on the tail indicate it is one of the spiny-tailed iguanas. There are two in Guatemala the black and the yellowback. Hooloo, you have the right scientific name but I've added an amendment just to add the prefix 'black'. It is the heavy banding going all the way around the body which separates this as a black, the yellowback is smaller, less iguana shaped, and the bands are usually only on the back not on the sides or underbelly.

This is the commonest of the spiny-tailed iguanas and has been introduced into the US. It is often kept as a pet.

Graham Banwell

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