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Cocoon on Carex otrubae

Observed: 24th June 2009 By: Peter M McEvoy
Botanical Society of Britain and IrelandNew Flora of the Isle of Man
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found on coastal grassland

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Can you say more about this charlie, are these larvae or pupae? I didn't know weevils spun silk into this sort of cocoon.

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Sorry, I meant to add a

Sorry, I meant to add a comment to this... I've found similar structures before, and tentatively ID'd them as weevil pupa/cocoon - but none that I have collected have yet to emerge.

Hypera postica is a good example, or search for "weevil cocoon".

I think some chrysomelids do something similar.

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I'd tend to agree that it's a weevil cocoon, though I've not seen one exactly like this photo.

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Thanks for the useful info. I will keep an eye out for more this season and try to get some better pictures.

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