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Roe Deer in Winter

Observed: 27th November 2010 By: nmk23
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Female Roe Deer. Reddish brown coat, long legs, diamond pattern on bottom.

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I can't ever remember seeing

I can't ever remember seeing a Roe with a rump like that. The tail is too long, and the outline far too dark and contrasting. Sika or Fallow? Or something more exotic?



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I would say probably Fallow (most common option), or could be Sika. Definitely not Roe.

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Not a roe

I would also say definitely not roe, from the rump, but I'm not sure what species. I agree fallow or sika seem most likely, but the dark markings on the tail and rump look very 'solid' for either of those.
A good picture ID resource here http://www.newforestgateway.org/TestArea/PDTest/FlashPlayer/tabid/262/De...

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Thank you for the picture id's you suggested I look at, I am still unsure which type of deer they are. All 3 deer seem to be different.