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Solitary bee

Observed: 13th March 2011 By: dan_wrench
Natural Shropshire - Biodiversity Partnership
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Several burrowing in soil of eroding river bank

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Andrena haemorrhoa

Looking at the photos, I'm pretty certain that this is not A.haemorrhoa, the orange on the thorax is not bright enough and the female in the second picture lacks the orange hairs at the end of the abdomen. If I had to make a guess, I'd say this was A.clarkella, but I can't see the colour of the hind tibial hairs well enough because of the pollen on them.

A.clarkella one of the really early emerging Andreana species. Despite it's name, A.haemorrhoa is not one of the first to emerge in spring, I would expect to see it in the next couple of weeks though.

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