iSpot badges for two more organisations

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Two more organisations are now 'represented', bringing our total so far to 46 wildlife societies and recording schemes represented on iSpot. Welcome to:

Scottish Fungi have a wealth of useful resources on their website, and are encouraging people to send in their identification queries via iSpot:

Wiltshire & Swindon Biological Records Centre are based at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, and work with volunteer wildlife recorders throughout the county. Some surveys that you can take part in are listed here:

Many thanks to the volunteers from all the societies who are helping provide such excellent identifications and advice on iSpot. If you represent a wildlife group or recording scheme, and would like to be 'badged' on iSpot, here's how to do it. And if you run a website for a wildlife group we'd be grateful if you can include a link to iSpot.


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