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Slime mold? Fungus?

Observed: 3rd March 2011 By: wanderman

Tiny deep red blobs in clusters. Do not appear to have stalks. On willow branch in permanently wet area. The diameter of the branch is approximately 60mm. from memory. The individual blobs are therefore very small, below 1mm. This was the first time I had encountered them but have since found another specimen. The blobs have no apparent stalks and are quite hard; though I haven't actually tried to squash one. Update: Just measured diameter of a single blob on the new specimen found, using my digital caliper. Approx. diameter of typical blob is very approximately 0.3mm.

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Thank you FEMC. Yes, I had a look at Nectria on the Encyclopaedia of Life and it certainly strongly resembles Nectria coccinea. Only trouble with the photos on EOL is it's hard to work out the actual size of the organism.