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Observed: 13th April 2011 By: Alisonha

Pinky-red, a strong clear colour, with a black head. About 5 or 6 mm long and 1 mm across. We have had several over about a year, upstairs, usually in the bath but also on beds. Structure is like a caterpillar with the first 3 segments being much bigger than the others, and with legs. About 8 small segments behind and then a little forked tail. The latest, after 4 days in a jar without food or water, was still very much alive. Once, a speciman in the (empty) bath was approached by a spider. The spider touched the grub and then immediately leaped away.


No identification made yet.

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Can you take a photograph the

Can you take a photograph the next time you get one and upload it onto ISPOT? It would probably help to pin down the identity of your pink grubs.

Jonathan Wallace

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I don't know how to photograph something so small.