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On a piece of rough ground in an orchard. The bees were going mad for it.

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Pulmonaria spp.

This looks like P. officinalis to me. However two of you obviously think it's something else to the point of saying you're as sure as can be. Could you share your reasoning? I ask as P. saccharata is not a plant I know, and as far as I'm aware has not been recorded in the UK in the wild (as an escape or casual) since the 1930s. So this would be a good find!

Chris Metherell
BSBI VC Recorder
North Northumberland

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Pulmonaria officinalis is naturalised locally and it is suggested on the ID that it might be this. I put the ID down as Pulmonaria saccharata which is a garden plant which is very simmilar to P officinalis but the flower head is more funnel shaped unlike the photo shown.There is also Pulmonaria angustifolia which has blue flowers.I also would say that the leaf shape is more like P saccharata than officinalis. I have worked in the plant industry for a number of year's and I am very familier with Pulmonaria and that is why I have come to the ID I have chosen.I know that none of us can be 100% unless we see the plant in the flesh but I an confident in my ID.