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Beetle Larva

Observed: 13th March 2011 By: Helen DHelen D’s reputation in InvertebratesHelen D’s reputation in Invertebrates

Approx 1-2cm in length. Found under fallen bark.

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Looks like a click-beetle (Elateridae) larva but not sure.

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There are certainly too few abdominal segments for this to be one of the Julidae, also cannot see that each segment bears two pairs of legs, so more likely to be a beetle larva.

Andy Keay

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Many thanks for i.d. everyone
I'm not at all experienced in this field, I have to find something and photograph it for i.d. as part of a project, so I gave it a bash!
But I'm a little confused - in the original picture, when I zoomed in, I thought I could see many tiny little legs. I thought beetles only had six legs - can anyone clear this up for me??

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Hi Helen, I've zoomed in to

Hi Helen,

I've zoomed in to your photos and can see lots of setae (hairs) but no legs.

Hope that helps

Andy Keay

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Ohhh I see, my mistake! Ah

Ohhh I see, my mistake!

Ah well, we live and learn - hopefully I will do better next time!
Appreciate your help, many thanks