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Black Adder

Observed: 11th March 2011 By: Thyone OutramThyone Outram’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
Black adder Sussex 110311 019

Approx 70cm by 2cm mature snake basking in bracken. Very dark - impossible to see markings except general look of regular spots/marks down side body. I am looking for confirmation that this is a dark adder. Definitely no daignostic yellow/orange collar of grass snake. Do all mature grass snakes have a pale collar? If not, can anyone tell by head shape? Don't be influenced by the adder beside it in the picture. We find grass snakes and adders basking near eachother at this site.

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The eye has it -

typical adder colouration. Black specimens are known from several sites.
Grass snake "collars" are, I think, always present: they can be quite minimalistic sometimes, and hard to spot if you don't get a good look at the beast.