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Tree with dark bark

Observed: 22nd November 2009 By: aw5934
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Cypress tree

An established tree with a dark brown/reddish bark,peeling into strips. Branches have short flat needles growing in 2 rows, alternating each side. Small cones on some of the branches. At first thought it was a yew tree with female flowers that had been pollinated and produced the small cone but now think it could be a cypress.

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The scale-like leaves rule

The scale-like leaves rule out Yew, which has short needle-like leaves. I should think this is a Cypress or Cedar of some kind...

Rob Coleman

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Moving to Cypress

Thanks for the suggestions. I've had a look at the Forestry Commission tree trail website and i'm now beginning to think it's possibly a Cypress.

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It certainly seems to be a Cypress, and also seems to be an alien one - as one might expect from its position. Not enough detail to be sure - perhaps C. guadalupensis or even C. macrocarpa (which is commoner, but the bark looks wrong - but then there are so many cultivars).

Chris Metherell
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