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Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

Observed: 14th March 2011 By: lynda07lynda07’s reputation in Birdslynda07’s reputation in Birdslynda07’s reputation in Birdslynda07’s reputation in Birds

I know the photos are next to useless but thought I'd post anyway-by chance I saw what I am convinced were two Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers today, I have seen many Greater Spotted but these were so tiny, even though they were from a distance and they "flitted" around. I guess I'll never know for sure but it pretty much made my day!

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Can you upload any higher res photos of the birds. I think I can make out a red rump which would make it Great Spot but this could just be a photographic artefact.

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Hi, no, I only have what I

Hi, no, I only have what I have posted. I'm going to go back and see if I can get closer, if they are there - but of course whatever they are this could be a once in a lifetime sighting - I'll never be able to pass the area again without looking though!


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Unfortunately I can't see the birds to agree with you but I do hope you are right. Sparrow size sounds good as does being high in the canopy. Any call?

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Thanks, I hope I am too - I

Thanks, I hope I am too - I will have to return to the same spot and hope I get lucky again. It was quite noisy with bird song around me so I can't be sure I heard them call. They just seemed so different to the Greater Spotted that I am lucky enough to see regularly. Lynda