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Unknown sound

Observed: 4th May 2009 By: miked
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not the birdsong but the 'mechanical' sound

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I haven't heard that kind of

I haven't heard that kind of sound before but to me it sounds like something a Pheasant would make ... or a Partridge perhaps?

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don't think there were any of

don't think there were any of those kinds of birds around, the location is right in the middle of very large dense forest surrounded by heathland (and no not nightjar)

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I went back to the location

I went back to the location today, well a few hundred metres away out on the wet heathland and the sound was there again. unfortunately it stopped as I approached still far away and I was unable to find what it was. It was about 6 or 7C so suspect very unlikely to be insect. There was a pheasant some distance away (100m to one side), not where the sound was coming from but there could have been another one hidden. Did not manage to get a sound recording this time as it stopped while I was still too far off.

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I am reasonably certain it is not an amphibian. My first thought was a male Chukar softened by the distance. I checked it with professional recordings I have and it is possible. Unfortunately I could not find a recording online. If you have access to BWPi there is a good recording of the song on there.

Graham Banwell

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