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Grey poplar

Observed: 13th March 2011 By: georgia
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What tree is making up this small copse? I have been walking past these trees for a few years now and want to identify them. I am sure they are nothing out of the ordinary but I would like to know what they are? Deciduous, smooth juvenile bark and fissured mature bark. Toothed leaves, unfurl to a pale green colour see photograph of leaf shape. I think is goes yellow in autumn if i remember right. Just casting off big fluffy catkins at this time of year, see photo. Good bird habitat, saw a tree creeper going up them today and they appear to have lots of woodpecker holes in them. Its not a silver birch or not the normal type with white bark but similar. The bark is a mid grey colour and the leaves are about 2" diameter and the catkins are as thick as your finger.

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