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Waxwing visitor

Observed: 13th March 2011 By: jccurdjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birdsjccurd’s reputation in Birds

Excitement at home - for the first time that we are aware of, we were descended upon by a flock of Waxwings between 20 and 30 strong. They set about busily munching the red berries that the Redwings had, rather unusually, omitted to polish off. For once, luck was with me: my lens had been repaired and returned just in time by Canon, I actually spotted our unusual visitors and the light was reasonable. They stayed for an hour or so, long enough to consume the crop, then moved on.

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Beautiful picture. I saw a flock of 22 waxwings on the same day. Unfortunately I only managed to catch them in silhouette so I am very envious!
My first ever sighting was on New Years day this year with another flock of around 30.
I reckon the picture is worth whatever it cost to repair your lens.

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Many Thanks

Jeff, your comments make me feel much better and I really appreciate them. Thank you, it's a good way to look at it. :)


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I'm jealous -

We appear to have had quite a few in my area this winter, but I have not even seen one, let alone take such a good shot of one!

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Know the feeling

I know what you mean, Roger - I'm familiar with that feeling myself. This is the first winter I've ever seen Waxwings and to have them visit our garden was very special indeed. It goes some way to making up for the upsetting sick Great Tits that we've been seeing recently.


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What a great picture - fantastic detail. One day.....!!! Beautiful bird, and captured so well. Top work John.

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Very gracious ...

... and much appreciated. I hope these guys come back this year though I'm not particularly keen on the snow and cold weather that tends to accompany them.