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Mammal skull

Observed: 5th March 2011 By: Gareth Williams
Skull 1
Skull 2

Skull of unknown mammal found on Mendips.
Required for childs nature table so would like to identify original owner.

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Looks like a sheep from the roundedness of the muzzle, location also makes this likely. Fairly young animal from the size.

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I would go more with the sheep (or lamb) theory. It was my first thought when I saw it. Also seems a little large for a rabbit at nearly 12cm.

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a picture of the teeth would be very helpful.

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Subadult female Roe deer

It's not a sheep because it has a distinct ethmoid fissure and a sub-triangular orbit and the suture between the frontals and parietals is too far forward.

The shape, size and cranial features are entirely consistent with the female Roe deer Capreolus capreolus we have in our collections at the Horniman Museum.