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Eristalis tenax

Observed: 12th March 2011 By: VinnyVinny’s reputation in InvertebratesVinny’s reputation in InvertebratesVinny’s reputation in InvertebratesVinny’s reputation in Invertebrates

A little spring sunshine was enough to bring this fresh male specimen out to take advantage of a dandelion flower.

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I think that you are right, but not for the reasons given. Eristalis hoverflies cannot be identified by the pattern on the abdomen, as there is such variation within each species.
However, tenax is the usual species to be found at this time of year and it has all dark rear tibiae with long hairs on upper and lower surfaces, as does this specimen.

If you could see the lines of hairs running down the eyes, that is always diagnostic of tenax..but cannot be seen here.

Incidentally, the broken brown band, which you mention, is actually on the second abdominal segment (tergite). The first segment is narrow and not obvious behind the thorax.


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